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Where change is possible.

Hypnotherapy and Psycho-therapeutic counselling, REBT, and NLP Transformation Coach based in Marlow, Bucks.

Do you want to utilise you skills to the full potential? Do you set smart goals? Do you know that 3% of top riches people in the world set goals regularly? Why not create your own compelling goal with me and transform your life with? Embrace coaching with me and find your transpersonal goals using NLP techniques.

NLP Transformation Coach is a technique and model of change. It is specifically designed to change your unwanted into wanted outcome. It is about positive change and positive outcome. It is about learning to use your resources to your full potential. Let’s begin with the end in mind!

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a model of excellence. The concept of this technique is base on the uniqueness of each individual person and their unique map. And realizing that at the same time, the map is not the territory. Only that you are unique and so are others around your, if you respect your model of the world, you can learn to respect their model of the world.

NLP works with the mind, the language and the sensory system, to shift negative state to alternative state, and change negative state into positive state.

Neuro – is the mind, working to untap it’s creativity and retrain the unconscious mind.

Linguistic – is using language, using words careful around different people in your world.

Programming – is establishing how you code an experiences – say from the one you like to the one you dislike and reprogrammed the experiences to a resourceful and helpful state. There were reasons why you may have been stuck in your work, life, career, relationship, your unconscious has been protecting you, and all your behaviours has a positive intention. You may have been doing the best you can with your resources, at the time. Start to take control of your life.

A coaching session with me is individually designed with you, to maximize your full potential.  It is designed to help you excel. It is designed to help you improve on things that make your heart sing. It is designed to help you become more flexible in your behaviour. It is designed to help you tap into your resources, because there is no such thing as unresourceful people, only unresourceful states. It designed to transform your life from a chrysalis into vibrant colourful butterfly. You will learn that the resources that you need to reach your goal and your outcome, in any situation, is within you.

There will be discussion on your desired goals. The goal is review, adjusted if necessary and using NLP technique to elicit your own resources, using various hypnotic technique. I will provide you with feedback throughout our time together, because there is no such as as failure. So, when you take charge, you can take responsibilities for your result.

NLP is an intervention that can inspire and transform your life. It is also use to promote communication, rapport and effective behavioural change. It is an effective intervention that can be motivational. So, get ready to change your life, right now.

What does it cost?

Each coaching session of 90 minutes appointment is £95 or 3 x 90 minute appointments charged at £255.00.

Your details are kept on file only for 6 months, after which they are destroyed as part of my confidentiality agreement. For my T&C, please click here.

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