Therapy is any form of intervention with an intent to relieve, revive or heal a presenting symptom, disorder or dis-ease. It is a remedial process designed for an individual person to feel and achieve their full potential. Therapy is a unique and intimate relationship.

Any form of intervention that has a beneficial health factor is considered therapeutic. Any self-preserving and self-caring intervention have qualities to improve an individual’s internal states. This state shift helps improve positive physical well-being.

Therapy is a two-way process. In order for therapy to work for you, qualities such as honesty and trust need to be developed between us. I can promise to be open and honest with you about your progress. The rest is up to you.

If you are ready,  able, and willing to commit to therapy, change is possible.

My therapy room is a safe space for an exchange, an interaction or an intervention to be acknowledged and embraced. Therapy is me holding you in your being, holding you in the space and allow you to freely express yourselves. Therapy is about making the change, and you know that change is possible, because this time, things can be different.

Find out for yourself, visit me or contact me for more details.