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From me to you. Here are some free resources for personal use* only. You may find some of the resources helpful in your self-developmental journey.

Please be aware that self-development exercise techniques are not a substitute to working with a therapist. It is proven that working with your therapist yield a better result.  The techniques below is designed to as a de-stressor tool for temporary relief to your day-to-day stress and anxieties. Like anything, if you don’t keep practising your relaxation or meditation, you may find yourself back to square one.

For a deeper exploration, please contact me and see how I can help.

Tide Mindfulness breathing

Purple sea Pre-Muscular relaxation

IMG_8859  Visualization relaxation

Black-White bridge  Meditation exercise

child_in_bubble  Inner Child Exercise

stack-of-white-pebbles-on-beach  Dis-identification Meditation

*You may download the materials for personal use, please note that you may not use the materials commercially. Personal use means, you may use it for yourself, on yourself and for other friends, family members that you consider to benefit from the materials here. Materials can be printed and distributed electronically with the recipient’s consent.

Please note that Patchouli Therapy do not accept liabilities for any inconvenience caused by your distribution.

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