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Hypnotherapy and Psycho-therapeutic counselling, REBT, and NLP Transformation Coach based in Marlow, Bucks.

Are you an analytical type? Do you like strategic intervention? Do you follow instructions, step-by-step? Here’s the good news, this model of intervention will be really useful for you. It is a model for logical thinker. It is a model for people who like discipline. It is a very effective model for anxieties, depression and fears. It is highly effective for short-term work such as fear of public speaking.

It is a pragmatic practical model for rationality. It is a model that can be applied to future scenarios. It is a model of change.

REBT is a specific form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is a discipline that differentiate rational and irrational beliefs. It is a discipline that differentiate healthy vs unhealthy negative emotions. It is a discipline that strategically and logically evaluate your unwanted behaviours, fears and anxieties.

REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. It is an extension of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It works on a deeper level than the conventional CBT that is currently flooding the NHS. Using Ellis’ tools and technique to identify unhealthy negative emotions. Rational in therapy involve making logical sense of the beliefs, action tendencies and cognitive consequences in the situation. Emotive part in therapy involve identifying the emotions that causes ego disturbances and discomfort. Behaviour part in therapy involve identify problematic behaviours and find healthier alternative behaviour in which to react in the future, in similar circumstances.

Therapy combines resources from CBT tools and techniques as well as establishing grounding, developing empathy, while holding positive regards for you. There will be weekly homework tasks to be completed as part of therapy. Cognitive therapy is directive and proactive, with very clear, precise and specific tasks that form part of intervention, to which I will be teaching you.

What does it cost?

Standard 50 minute sessions are charged at £50.00.

Your first appointment will be 90 minutes to include an initial consultation where full case history is taken and an assessment is made. Each subsequent sessions are 50 minutes. It is recommended to have a minimum of 6 – 12 sessions for effective results, depending on the presenting problems.

Initial inquiries, research, materials and correspondences are free of charge. Copies of treatment plans, notation and diagnosis are subject to administration fee. Your details are kept on file only for 6 months, after which they are destroyed as part of confidentiality.

Please consult your GP before commencing therapy for any medical conditions that may affect this therapeutic process, and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments.

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