Where change is possible.

Hypnotherapy and Psycho-therapeutic counselling, REBT, and NLP Transformation Coach based in Marlow, Bucks.

Therapy according to google is a treatment with intention to relieve, revive or heal a symptom, dis-order or dis-ease. It is a remedial process designed for personal corrective self-medication. It covers many rhymes. It can be clinical and sterile, it can be pharmaceutical and prescriptive, it can be a remedy or tonic. It is an emergence of creative and innovative self-selective care.

Any action or intervention that has beneficial health factors are considered therapeutic. Any self-serving, gratifying and relaxing handling can have qualities to improve an individual’s internal states. Any tendency to help boost the boost the immune system, course of treatment that changes negative stuck states and shift to improved positive motivating states are associate to therapy.

An activity or condition that strengthen and can create positive somatic outcome can be classified as ‘therapy.’ A simple trip to the spa, can be seen as therapeutic. A visit to the hair dresser, can be therapeutic. So, therapy is just a word that describes wide range of activities and exchange of movements in the physical body and the mental body. You can find a list of different types of therapy here or there, so I won’t be going into any more details.

Therapy is like being in a platonic relationship. It is a two-way process. In order for therapy to work for you, qualities such as honesty and trust needs to be developed between us. I can promised to be open and honest with you about your progress. I can promised that you can trust me with your issues and treat it confidentially. I can promise you that it will be life changing. And I trust that you can let go of your misconceptions and trust me.

If you commit to therapy, change is possible.

For me, therapy is a safe space for an exchange, an interaction or an intervention to be acknowledge and embrace. Therapy is me holding your hand, metaphorically speaking, holding you in this space and allow you to freely express yourselves. Therapy is about making the change, and you know that change is possible. And you have all the resources within you to make that change. Because change is possible.

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