The child in me

Hypnotherapy and Psycho-therapeutic counselling, REBT, and NLP Transformation Coach based in Marlow, Bucks.

In the early part of training as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor, my personal preference and area of interests was Inner Child Therapy. I had considered training to become an Inner Child Therapist, specifically. But, as I developed as a therapist, my path has led me to Psychosynthesis Psychology, training which I am pursuing at the Institute of Psychosynthesis. I embraced the training and professional development. I embraced the learning experiences and discoveries. Reconnecting with my roots and going through synthesis and changes. It is a wonderful journey reconnecting with my inner child. The model of Child of Self and Child of History can unify the possibility of redemption and return to the experience of Self and wholeness through love, relationship, and inner work. The essence of the Inner Child is in the heart of everyone of us.

To be as a child is to be energetic, authentic, pure and open. Openness offers open-minded perspective to see our internal and external world with a kind eyes. With a beginner’s eyes, you can see clarity, see inspiration and omnipotent possibilities. Through these eyes, you can make decision and choices without other’s fearful thoughts. You can unlearn nurtured behaviours, habits, and unwanted mindset.

The child in me is playful, fun loving, with a hint of naughtiness. She is really strong will and is most resilience in surviving in the hostility of my external world. She is a dissenter but will co-operate in order to eliminate dissonance. She is adventurous, risky, and mesmerise by natural beauty. However, she is no fool, with draconian and strong righteousness, she values equality greatly. These are just some of the themes of qualities that I have discovered. The works that is required to dismember your habit, learned behaviours and mindset are powerful. It evokes feelings, emotions and somatic tension. It is tremendous design to awaken the unconscious repressed and suppressed memories.

If you are a novice, check out the 2 books that I have recommended on my blog first. It is best if you at least read and work through the books to get a field of the work. You will find some of the exercises very painful, if there’s trauma in your childhood. But, it is advisable to follow up with therapeutic work with a therapist. So that you can learn to relate to an empathetic person who can give you the support you need during your journey. Some resources are available here.

I have discovered the child in me from training and it has been wonderful to reconnect with her. After my Psychosynthesis training, Inner Child Therapy will be offered in my therapy room. What I have discovered is the wonderful essence of the long forgotten, abandoned child within. I have reconnected with her and she now resides close within. For me, training alone would not have been sufficient. Accompanying therapy as part of on-going training and CPD was most effective. This is a long term self-development journey, when you are ready for therapy, let me know. We can journey to the past and revisit your inner child in my therapy room.