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Where change is possible.

Hypnotherapy and Psycho-therapeutic counselling, REBT, and NLP Transformation Coach based in Marlow, Bucks.

Hypnotherapy and Psycho-therapeutic counselling are alternatives to main stream clinical practices. Practising from Marlow; hypnotherapy and counselling is an alternative solution to medical treatment. My complementary technique combines eastern traditionally spiritual holistic approaches with western practices.

Hypnotherapy is risk-free, with absolutely zero side effect, and you are in control of your session. You are in control of your progress. You are in control of your outcome. You are in control of the change you desire. Contact me for more details.

Psycho-therapeutic counselling is one form of talking therapy, using integrative models. My therapy room is a safe space for you to talk about your issues. Issues that you want to talk about, feel that must talk about, know that you must talk about, but is unable to talk about with anyone else. Contact me for more details.

REBT is a specific form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is a discipline that differentiate rational and irrational beliefs. It is a discipline that differentiate healthy vs unhealthy negative emotions. It is a discipline that strategically and logically evaluate your unwanted behaviours, fears and anxieties. Contact me for more details.

NLP Transformation Coach is a technique and model of change. It is specifically designed to change your unwanted into wanted outcome. It is about positive change and positive outcome. It is about learning to use your resources to your full potential. Contact me for more details.

My technique combines eastern traditionally spiritual holistic approaches with western practices.


Eastern traditional holistic approaches suggest that therapy is about holism, a long held philosophy that treating the ‘whole person’ is beneficial to integrating the body, mind and spirit to achieve ‘healing’. Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious to promote relaxation, mindfulness and improved well-being. Learn the art of meditation, another useful resources. Learn how your map your inner world.

Western practices of talking therapies are alternative therapy to conventional medicine. Psycho-therapeutic counselling focuses on the psyche, using predominantly psychoanalytic approach, with person-centered and humanistic concepts, using tools and techniques from CBT/REBT and NLP applications. Anything that I learned and experienced, I share through my posts and blogs. Check it out.

In therapy, my aim is to help you to become aware of your ‘whole self’ by connecting  body, mind and spirit; directing your energy to maintaining health & well-being; and aspiring you to grow, so that you reach your goals, reach your full potential and have a fulfilling life. Just like the gym – being a place for you to workout your body. ‘My Therapy room’ is a safe space to workout your mind! Because change is possible.

Why not stay awhile and find out more.

  • Testimonials
    Mr DMr D
    I needed some counselling after my wife passed away, I was not coping and I was overwhelmed with grief.  Patch was able to help me work through my loss and I feel that I am coping a lot better.  It is still hard but I am slowing coming to term with her death.
    Mrs OMrs O
    I was a control freak and it was affecting my day-to-day life.  I was on the verge of becoming OCD. I went to Patch for counselling and I am so glad I took the steps to therapy.  It has helped me a great deal and I don’t feel that I have to control over all the things in my life any longer - not all the times anyway.
    Miss HMiss H
    I was so frightened of failing my final exams that I needed hypnotherapy to help me calm my nerves.  I was a complete nervous wreck!  I studied so hard and nothing was sinking in!  I was losing my mind!  Patch has helped me using hypnotherapy and relaxation, I passed my A levels and got into a uni that I wanted.
    Miss MMiss M
    I went to hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress and have been taking lots of time off work recently.  I was able to address the root of my anxiety and I am now much happier.
    Mr AMr A
    I had counselling with Patch and I found her sessions to be really helpful.  I was going through some relationship difficulties with my promiscuous wife.  After counselling, I was feeling much more appreciative in the relationship and we are getting so much better as we are working through issues in the marriage.
    Mrs DMrs D
    Patch has helped me reach my ideal weight using hypnotherapy.  She has designed the session in combination with changing my diet; I lost 16lbs in total.  After therapy has ended, I am still motivated to the new diet regime. I love the new me!